Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 2 & 3

Hi everybody!

Yesterday was crazy and I was super exhausted by the end of the day, so I was too tired to sit down and write a post. So I'm just going to write a little about today and yesterday.

The first night here was great! My bed is so comfortable, I slept like a baby. However, the first morning was a little awkward because I wasn't really sure when to get up. They told me to sleep in but I also felt bad for not getting up when they did. So, the shy girl that I am decided to just wait until they left which was around 8.45am. So yeah, not THAT late! (All day long I had to listen to the kids tell me that I slept in so late :D If only they knew...)

However, when I finally decided to go downstairs, nobody was there to tell me what to do. Also, I was super hungry. I felt so weird going through their kitchen to find food and dishes but I finally managed to make myself a bowl of cereal, which was very delicious. After a while my host mom came home and told me she had to pick up Ellie (the youngest) from school at 11.30 and asked if I wanted to go to Walgreens before picking her up together. Obviously I said yes. So around 10.30 we left to go shopping, which was not that exciting. But I got shampoo! Afterwards we stopped off at Starbucks and I got my very first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. I feel like I'm gonna have a few more of those this fall. During this I really got to know Alisa a little better which was great! Then we picked up Ellie from her school which was adorable because there were a bunch of toddlers and little kids running around. When we got home, my host mom kinda started telling me what the kids like to eat for a snack (Mac & cheese yum!) and what they drink and stuff like that so I could start helping with that. The older kids came home a little later. For the most part I played with Ellie and Evie all day. We also started watching Frozen together which was super cute because we all knew the words to the songs, so we all sang together. After eating pizza for dinner, the three of us decorated a halloween gingerbread house! We had so much fun!

That was pretty much my day yesterday.

Today I got up with everybody at 7am. I helped Alisa with making breakfast for the kids, she showed me how to make their school lunches and then I walked Evie and Billy to their bus stop. Ellie doesn't go to school until 9am, so we watched a little tv until we drove her there. When Alisa dropped me off at home, I had some quiet time for myself until 11.30. I took a shower and then tried to lay down for a little while. I think I managed to sleep for 10 minutes. When Ellie came home, I made her lunch and we played all day together. Board games, dolls, outside, trampoline, tag, hide and seek, soccer,... just to name a few. She's so super adorable that I love spending that time with her, but it's also really exhausting! How can a 4 year old have that much energy? :D When my host dad came home at 3.30, I had a little time to myself but soon Ellie was back in my room. So we pretty much spent the next few hours until dinner together too. After dinner, Ellie, Evie and I played some more games in the family room. Later, they had to take a bath and they wanted me to do it! So I gave them my first bath!

At some point my host dad came upstairs to tell them it was time to go downstairs. I really love spending time with them! They are so cute and funny! But tonight I was a little glad, just because I am really really tired. It's only 9pm and I know I'm going to fall asleep very soon. I really hope this constant tiredness will go away with the jet lag in a couple days.

Well, tomorrow is my host mom's birthday. I have a little present for her, but I also planned on baking a cake or something. I don't know if I'll be able to do that already. I'll keep you posted!

See you tomorrow!

Julie <3

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