Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 14! Special Parents Event!

Hi guys :)

Yesterday, on Saturday, I was invited to volunteer at this Special Parents event by a friend of a friend. The entire thing was amazing.

This organization hosts Special-Parent's days twice a year, where volunteers provide 1 on 1 care for the special-needs children and there siblings for an entire afternoon, while their parents enjoy a lunch or dinner at a restaurant of their choice. So, I got matched with Brendan, a super cute and happy boy in a wheelchair who I spent the afternoon with. The event was huge! There was a petting zoo, a hay ride, pony rides, a hot air ballon, and many more fun things to do. Unfortunately, because Brendan was bound to his chair, we couldn't do most of the things. But we still had fun. We painted on canvas, decorated a pumpkin, danced to the music, enjoyed watching the animals from the petting zoo and had some delicious pizza. I really enjoyed the entire day a lot!

I also met some new people, including Elena, the friend of a friend, and 3 of her friends. After the event was over, we all went out to eat some frozen yoghurt which was also really good! I had a pumpkin latte flavored one, covered with all kinds of different toppings (mostly chocolate :D). I really hope we'll be doing more things together in the future.

Here are some pics!

Julie <3

                                                                  Brendan and me


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